Join me on my untraditional journey in the music industry! I just released my debut full-length CD 'Rise and Fall' after a run on American Idol and Kidd Kraddick...


Sep 16, 2011
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I’ve Been Sentenced to American Idol Jail

On September 26th I’m going to prison…American Idol prison.

My jail cell will be at West Village in Dallas and I’ll be there from 5am on September 26th - 9am on September 27th

If you’ve followed my story over the last year, you’d know that I was nearing the completion of my debut full-length CD when I made it to Hollywood on American Idol, Season 10.  I was fortunate enough to be a Top 12 Guy this year before leaving the Idol Stage…or was I fortunate?  To continue in the American Idol competition, I had to sign a contract during the Top 40 Round that prevented me from signing a recording contract, a management contract, a booking contract, and it prevented me from releasing any music for several months.

The reality of this contract is that it has felt like being in prison because I haven’t been able to do what I love most: share my music with others.  I’ve been sitting on this album for several months.  So I’m finally going to be set free from American Idol jail at the end of this month, which happens to correspond with the release of my debut full-length CD 'Rise and Fall' on iTunes on September 27th.

So for the final 24 hours of being in American Idol prison, I’m literally putting myself in prison.  Yes, I will be in a physical jail cell in West Village Shopping Center in Dallas, Texas.  Starting at 5am on September 26th, I will get into the jail cell in the parking lot outside of Mi Cocina, and I will live in that jail cell until 9am on Tuesday, September 27th.  Please come visit me if you are in the Dallas area.  I’ll be taking donations for Kidd’s Kids because the first track on the CD is this year’s Kidd’s Kids song, and all proceeds from that song will go to Kidd’s Kids as well.  Everyone who brings me a Kidd’s Kids donation will be put into a raffle for a free Tim Halperin concert at your home, office, school church, or wherever you want.  There will also be some free frozen yogurt and other goodies throughout the day.

If you are not in the Dallas area, the whole thing will be live on my UStream Channel, and I’ll be interacting with people there as well.  So come visit me in prison and get excited with me about finally being able to release my debut album ‘Rise and Fall’!

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